A Video Game Craftsman under Android

3D touch Game:
The game in VR (requires a mask type Carboard) and the Game AR is compatible with little telephone.

However the game arouses interest, given the number of visits received on this site.

So we needed a game with the story and the principle of the original game.

So I made a 3D pull game with on-screen touch controls.

A Video Game Craftsman under Android

VR Game:
It's been a few months that I develop this game alone at home at night in RV (Virtual Reality). Some friends helped me to think about the concept of the game, notably Ludovic L.
To play the game in RV, you will need:

an Android smartphone.
a virtual reality mask for smartphone.
and a Bluetooth controller.

The game is completely free, without advertising and without in-app purchase..

A Video Game Craftsman under Android

AR Game:
Stimulate by creating a VR game and technology fan I discovered a new technology developed by Google, ARcore, it's Augmented Reality technology.
Thanks to this technology, it becomes possible to mix images from reality with images generated by computer tools such as a smartphone.

So I decided to bring the RV game to the AR.
ARcore is currently compatible with few devices, but should be compatible with more and more smartphones.

Game History

RV game, AR game and touch only game:
Imagine a world full of zombies, just one thing to defend against zombie attacks.

Zombies only evolve at night, during the day they become human again.

If you can kill a zombie his humanity will be restored and you can save him.

Game Screens

Please find pictures from the 3 games.


To make your feedback on the games, to become developer of the project on your free time, I carry the project for free outside of my working hours.

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